About us

Established in 1986 and still going strong

Jean Pennells has tirelessly run Warwickshire Tutors alongside teaching and family commitments for many years.  established in 1986 to further support those in education Warwickshire Tutors has met many individuals' requirements both geographically and with respect to tutor's personalities and teaching styles.

When Peter Pennells thought he was retiring he was wrong! He joined Jean at Warwickshire Tutors and so further developed their personalised approach of getting to know the tutors and pupils needs in order to provide the best match.

Jean and Peter are now taking a well earned rest and are 'really happy their organisation is going to a good home' in the care of Andrew and Suzanne who are on the same 'wavelength' and will continue to run Warwickshire Tutors with the same diligence as evidenced over the last 30 years.

We care - about you,  your children and their futures

Warwickshire Tutors is  owned and managed by Andrew and Suzanne, who have applied their previous expertise in teaching a range of subjects and offering specialist support to young (and not so young) individuals to their tutoring business.  They also manage a team of specialist tutors who offer support, advice and guidance to students with particular and specific learning needs funded through the Disabled Students Allowance.

Andrew and Suzannes’s energy and passion to help children and young people to achieve and be inspired in their learning, along with the belief that so much depends on that personal interaction alongside  a caring and thorough approach, leads to satisfied, and happy, clients and learners.

The team behind Warwickshire Tutors is made up of people who understand, empathise and have the passion and drive to support young people in achieving their goals, overcoming obstacles and helping to smooth out the sometimes rocky path they choose or might choose to take.

The Warwickshire Tutors  Team …

Our standards are high, and yours are too, we understand this, so this has to be matched by every person who works with us at Warwickshire Tutors.  Our network of tutors is made up of people whose values, ethos and passion to support young people matches our own.  We carry out a comprehensive check on all of the tutors with whom we work including:

  • Knowledge, skills, experience – comprehensive application and vetting process including DBS checks
  • Interpersonal skills and attitude – via face-to-face meetings at interview stage – do they have the ability to spark interest and engage learners at every level

Meet The Team

Andrew has worked in IT and FE (and hates TLAs!) Now he puts huge efforts into ensuring tutors and students alike are both happy and productive.

Favourite pastime: Fly fishing

What could be improved: Tidiness

Wins last year: Caught a big un



A background in a wide range of roles,  including teaching and business,   Suzanne now spends most of her time organising and motivating people and keeping things in order. Happiest when escaping the computer and interacting with real people.

Favourite pastime: Walking THE dog

What could be improved: Spelling

Wins last year: Got the exercise habit

Goals this year: Reduce the paper mountain created in the office

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors are amazing but most like some privacy so we do not post their photos on this site.

We are happy to share their bios with you during discussions and will occasionaly feature them here.