How We Work

We listen

Get in touch with our team to let us know exactly what you are looking for....

We really do take the time to understand your needs in terms of subject, level, location, timing and any other relevant details.

We Match

We search for the best match of tutor for the student and, indeed, student for tutor.  These pairings are designed to meet your needs and goals.

As soon as we've identified the best match we'll let you know more about that tutor.

Our tutor will then contact you to discuss and arrange the most convenient time for your sessions and agree hourly rates.

Once this has been agreed Warwickshire Tutors will invoice you for a one off £25 placement fee to cover our administration costs.

We Tutor

Our tutor will develop a plan with you and support you in your learning to help you achieve your targets.

Together you will be able to plan and agree location and frequency of the sessions.

Payment is made directly to the tutor at the end of each session at the rate that you have agreed with him/her.

Ready to start your journey?