Join the Warwickshire Tutors Team

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We are always looking out for new talent to join our team and would love to hear from you!

Can you can inspire interest and learning about a subject you are passionate and knowledgeable about?  Get in touch
Working for yourself means you are your own boss:  you can manage your time to finally get that perfect work-life balance!

Why Warwickshire Tutors?

We get to know our tutors well and work closely as a team. We offer a personal service that anonymous national agencies cannot match
We understand the role and challenges faced by tutors and so can provide support and guidance as needed
We ‘get’ the clients needs and can translate these into workable and rewarding arrangements
We have an extensive network of contacts in education who we can rely on for additional support and insight
All your advertising, promotion and administration is done for you as part of Warwickshire Tutors!

What is important:

Tutors must be at least 18 years of age.
Passion, knowledge and skills for a subject
Interpersonal skills
P.S. We recruit both teachers and non teachers. Whilst teaching experience provides amazing skills and understanding we believe that tutoring is a different role.

The details:

This is a freelance position, you will be self employed but we can give you guidance
Tutors set their own fees , our admin fee will be included in your charges. Further details will be available when you have registered an interest.

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you...